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Fix Master Sync Disabled in Samsung Galaxy s4, s5, s6 or s7

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Master Sync Has Been Disabled: Here’s a Quick Fix on S4, S5 & S6

Domain Names. Email Services. Search Engine Optimization. Charles Tech Support. Susan Admin Support. Robin General Manager. The power saver mode on Samsung Galaxy S5 devices is very effective, but it blocks and stops some of the most critical services and applications that you might need. By default, this feature is checked. It temporarily disables all backgrounds running services and data. As the name suggest, Master Sync is the power house for all email synchronization. If you are using one of the battery saving apps you must check the settings of the app to see if it may be disabling auto-syncing of your emails to increase the battery life of your device.

So you will not be able to get the best of both worlds when it comes to syncing your emails and saving battery. Battery saving apps try to cut down the amount of work that your phone does in the background so that the battery usage is reduced. This is one of the reasons why it may be affecting your emails.

If you happen to be using a battery saving app, then check the settings of the app and find out if it has any option to turn sync on and off. If it does not have this option then uninstall the app and check if your emails can sync after uninstalling the app. These solutions should help you resolve the problem of emails not syncing on your Samsung Galaxy S5 so that you can enjoy using your device without losing out the emails sent to you.

Was very helpful fixed my issue I had somehow turned off all my emails from synching ugh!!!! I now know why my battery kept draining.. None of these worked for me. Method 1 — Block Data Background was already not checked checked the box and then unchecked it. Method 2 — Sync was already on turned it off and then on again. Method 3 — Auto Sync Data was already checked unchecked and then rechecked it — still none of them worked.

How to ADD an initial email account to your Samsung Galaxy S4

G-mail is working fine. I have 3 email accounts set up on it, 2 for work and 1 from Time Warner, RoadRunner account. Any other ideas?

Master Sync Has Been Turned OFF? How To Turn Master Sync On? - TheAndroidPortal

Same here. None of these fixes worked. I have a POP3 account and my emails were syncing fine until October 7. I downloaded mymail app last night as a work around…try it out…so far it is working great. I liked the standard app that comes with the phone…and it worked great on my S3 before I upgraded to the S5. I have 2 Yahoo business email accounts, and 2 Yahoo email personal accounts. I upgraded to the S5 just 2 days ago because my S3 stopped syncing any of my emails accounts after the phone received the system update to 4.

No one at Best Buy in person , Samsung in person or Yahoo email tech support was able to fix the syncing problem with the S3. Samsung rep spent hours over 3 visits — and was not able to fix the problem with the S3. So with the new S5, for the first few hours, syncing was working just fine. The next morning I saw that most of the emails that I read or replied to from my computer the night before were still showing as unread on the S5. Now it seems to randomly sync email status for some emails but not others.

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  4. Master Sync Has Been Disabled: Quick Fix on Galaxy S4, S5 & S6.
  5. I went thru every step above — 3 times. I did all of this on my S3 as well.

    Do you have any other suggestions? I am in the exact same boat as you. I am so frustrated I want to through the phone and smash it!

    How to EDIT your Samsung Galaxy S4 email account settings

    Any other tips? Red, these are all the possible ways to fix the issue. It is a Gmail account you having problems with?