#2: Email Capture Form or Contact Form Apps

Creating a campaign was really easy, and they had a decent but not overwhelming selection of different types of contest to choose from. One aspect that I really like is that Wishpond give you a selection of well-designed templates to choose from for your Facebook contest. Another pretty unique feature is that you can create Facebook, Google, and retargeting ads from within Wishpond to promote your Facebook contest. Finally, as my motivation for running a Facebook contest is often lead generation based, I wanted to have a quick look at their reporting and analytics.

They had. Their reporting is a beautiful combination of simple yet powerful. Most importantly, I could easily segment and download the email addresses of all those who entered my contest.

The best Facebook alternatives / in overview - 1&1 IONOS

So how much does it cost to run a Facebook contest with Wishpond? After trying all of the services in this post, Wishpond are the one that stands out the most for me. If you want to give Wishpond a try, they offer a day free trial here. Shortstack is one of the most comprehensive Facebook app creators, with a huge variety of features to choose form. Well, in general Shortstack have more features. I like Wishpond due to their simplicity, but if you need to run a contest with maximum flexibility, or for whatever reason, you want to promote your contest with QR codes, or run campaigns that show different content to users in different countries, then Shortstack will most likely give you more control over your campaign.

Depending on the size of your Facebook audience, Shortstack may also work out a little bit cheaper for you. In general, I was happy with Shortstack and they are a very good option for social contests, but their design and processes are just not quite as polished as Wishpond, in my opinion. Admittedly, I had never heard of AgoraPulse until I began researching this post. Most of the spin-offs of services like Wishpond and Shortstack are just copycat platforms aiming to slightly undercut the competition, but not AgoraPulse.

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They have an ROI calculation dashboard, as well as deep insights into identifying the best times to post, the best mediums, and best subjects. However, if you want a central dashboard that brings everything into one place and enables you to setup Facebook contests, then AgoraPulse is worth taking a look at.

Pricing wise, AgoraPulse are very competitive. Again, while many of the custom tab apps can bring in an RSS feed of your blog posts, these apps focus specifically on that feature:. Here are some different possibilities to help you.

In summary

Would you like to put your Instagram photos on a tab on your Facebook page? Use one of these apps:. Depending on what you want to do, you can integrate Facebook and Twitter in a few ways. If you want to be more selective about what you post to both sites, use one of the scheduling tools mentioned earlier , many of which work with multiple social sites. Woobox also has a solution for adding a YouTube channel to a Facebook page. It can be tricky to import a podcast to a page , depending on how you deliver your broadcast.

At Social Media Examiner, we use a custom tab to showcase the variety of ways people can listen to our podcast.

Alternatively, if you use the Libsyn service, you can easily add a tab with your episodes using the Libsyn Podcast app. Once again, there are a lot of ways to integrate a storefront with your page. Typically I would recommend you spend most of your energy developing your own website as an ecommerce hub. Many of these apps integrate with your website, so you can use them to build your ecommerce site, and then easily add it to your Facebook page. Contests are a great way to increase engagement, get leads for your business if you use email opt-in campaigns and have a little fun.

There are a lot of different contest and sweepstakes service providers out there.

#1: Custom Tab Apps

There are even a couple of different apps that help you run a timeline contest , but you want to make sure you know the rules before you get started. Video is a great way to let people get to know you. One of my favorite video apps on Facebook is 22Social , which lets you integrate a Google Hangout on Air into your Facebook page and saves it to your YouTube channel.

People can comment on your Facebook tab as well as the Google hangout, which allows them to participate wherever they like. Facebook Marketing for Dummies used this tool for a book launch and had great success with hundreds of people tuning in live. Another great tool for live streaming video on Facebook is Livestream. As a bonus, it also streams on websites. To enable the Review app , all you need to do is change your page category to a Local Business, and then add an address to your About section.

A word of caution: You can remove the entire Review app by changing your category to something other than Local Business.

32 Useful Facebook Page Apps for Your Business

But hopefully your first inclination is to work on resolving a complaint. If you want to create your own tab for testimonials, Tabsite has a Social Review app. There are lots of different ways to do coupons on Facebook, including using Facebook Offers , sending people to an opt-in to receive the coupon or using a custom tab. But these Facebook apps some of which have options to increase engagement offer easy-to-use solutions:. If you want someone to be able to easily schedule an appointment with you, consider one of these apps. Each works both as a standalone appointment-setter, but can be easily pulled into a Facebook tab.

You can also use tools like Custom Tabs to bring your appointment scheduler tool into Facebook. You can do a lot with Facebook Insights, but sometimes you want to see the data differently or track multiple platforms at once. These tools can help. Typically people use social sites as a way to contact companies and get customer service. If you want to track those interactions more specifically, you can use an app like Get Satisfaction to help you. If you have multiple job openings and want to feature them on your Facebook page , there are a few apps that can help you get the word out.

All of the apps installed on your page are visible under the More menu just under your cover image. You can manage and remove installed apps from your page dashboard by going to Settings at the top of your page and then selecting Apps. Remember that most people connect with your page through the news feed. If you want more visibility for your app, try sharing a direct link to the app in an update on your page. If you can entice someone to learn more about you and your services, opt into your email newsletter or connect with your other social sites without much effort , why not?