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And as we announced last week, it's getting a sequel with an all new engine, new gameplay updates, new lore, and well Burn Out The Night. Gameloft has sent word that its mobile MMO, Order and Chaos Online, has been updated with a significant new patch that brings Twitch integration to the game. That means no download cost and no subscription fees.

It's also offering a new 2v2 and 4v4 battlefield with capture the flag and challenge modes.

Gameloft recently announced that a new update is in the works that will bring several brand new features online as well as the enhancement of existing ones. Gaming Discord.

Order and Chaos 2

Gameloft PVP: Subscription System Req: Out of date info? Some quests can be frustrating if many players need to gather the same item or defeat the same monster which results in a lot of waiting around and fierce competition among players in the same area. Every day players have a certain amount of Vigor, which is the amount of experience they can earn each day. When players use up all of their Vigor in one day, they can continue playing the game, but cannot gain any more experience until the next day.

One good thing about the Vigor system, however, is Double Vigor. Any leftover Vigor left unused in one day will turn into Double Vigor the next day, which is essentially double experience. Therefore, players who do not use up all their Vigor in one day will be able to level twice as fast the next day for the amount left unused. This greatly benefits casual players while limiting more hardcore players.

While the game still involves tab-targetting, players can now attack faster by consistently pressing the attack button, which makes the game feel more like an action RPG. Players can still auto-attack without pressing the attack button, but attacking is slower this way. There are skills to use which can be activated by pressing its hotkey above the attack button and players can move while attacking which is a feature most suited for Rangers, Mages, and Monks.

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Like usual, players can tap to move or move with the virtual joystick and can rotate the camera by dragging the screen. The game has a crafting system in which players can craft equipment via a menu that involves creating and combining material to craft a piece of equipment i.

The game also has special Heritage weapons that, unlike regular weapons, can be upgraded and powered up by sacrificing other weapons. There are also instanced, party dungeons starting at level 15 where players can find rare equipment, as well as solo Dream dungeons that players can run 3 times a day.

Order & Chaos 2: Redemption Overview

Players can reach end-game max level without spending a single penny if they are willing to grind for experience and farm to obtain powerful equipment or upgrade their equipment. Spending money provides cosmetic items, such as wearable ears, backpacks, and wings, as well as experience boosts and temporary stat boosts. With Runes premium currency , players can also purchase in-game gold, inventory expansion, and character slots, and refill part of their Vigor. One of the chests, however, can only be opened with Runes and has the potential of giving out powerful equipment and rare materials, giving a large advantage to paying players.

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In order to do well in PVP and to join top guilds, players probably will have to spend money in order to stay competitive equipment-wise. Another big aspect of the game is the H. I would like to point your attention to a very serious issue we are experiencing in the game. Fendir iOS currently is a very low populated server and thus we are struggling with many game aspects. Some of us are really good payers with HERO lvl 10 and we would like to continue investing in the game development but need Gameloft support here.

Let me quickly describe the things we are really missing at the moment: There is an easy solution to this — merge iOS Fendir with other iOS low populated servers or allow char transfer to other servers. It will generate new competition between players, they will be much more active and as a result will buy more runes! So please help us Gameloft to help you develop the game further and we are ready to invest in it.

I encourage other players to support me and vote for this change. DPS , Dec 21, Dec 21, 2.

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Thanks for the link. I posted on it for Coramir server iOS. Tiki , Dec 21, Dec 21, 3. Would be cool if they could merge all ios windows and android servers, or at least maybe some dif servers but open to any device.

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Menzies , Dec 21, Dec 21, 4. Trimm Stepps on Windows Server has been dead almost right from the start. The only thing I can say is a positive about it is that we have about Core gamers that are on regularly and we all know each other very well.